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AIEC Fall Conference addresses EPA challenges

Firm fall '14 IIAlabama Public Service Commissioners joined the AIEC for its annual fall conference on November 18, 2014. Gathering in the offices of its legal counsel in Montgomery, Alabama – Capell & Howard, P.C. – the Commissioners reviewed with AIEC the regulatory environment on both state and federal levels.

The group shared their perspectives and activities concerning the challenges from the EPA, including the proposed greenhouse gas rule, known commonly as 111(d).

In July of this year,  PSC President Twinkle Cavanaugh and PSC Commissioner Jeremy Oden, along with the AIEC, testified before the EPA to protest the proposed GHG rule. Written comments concerning the rule are due by December 1. The AIEC plans to share with the PSC its concerns for the PSC’s final submission. The PSC noted that utilities have already implemented many efficiency and heat rate strategies which the EPA rule wrongly presumes have been neglected. The PSC reiterated that clean energy is everyone’s goal, but that the EPA’s approach is unworkable and destructive of the state’s economic viability at every level.

In an earlier session that morning, representatives of the Alabama Power Company presented to the AIEC a report on its 2014 regulatory activity and its projections for 2015. The discussion focused upon the recently filed Preliminary Environmental Compliance Plan, costs projections, environmental compliance cost pressures from EPA mandates, load projections, fuel forecasts, and the several strategies adopted by APCo to mitigate the upward pressure on future prices.

AIEC welcomed newly elected Commissioner Chip Beeker and his executive assistant Brent Woodall. Mr. Beeker is a long time Alabama cattleman and catfish producer from Greene County, Alabama. He served several terms as a county commissioner and has worked diligently to protect the steam power electricity generating plant in Greene County. No stranger to battling the intervention of federal officials into traditionally local affairs, Mr. Beeker looks forward to protecting electricity customers’ access to safe, affordable, and reliable energy.







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