Alabama Industrial Energy Consumers

About AIEC


The Alabama Industrial Energy Consumers (AIEC) fights for the rights of electricity customers in Alabama. Formed in 1995, AIEC is a voluntary association of large industrial  customers of the Alabama Power Company (APCo), comprising a diverse range of industries, including steel, forestry, chemical and gases, special minerals, cement, and others.

Through their lawyers (Capell & Howard P.C.), AIEC advances electricity concerns common to all industrial customers.  Jeff Pollock (JPollock, Inc., St. Louis, Missouri) serves as AIEC’s expert energy consultant. Jeff advises clients throughout the United States and Canada and has testified before the FERC and many state utility commissions.

AIEC litigates issues important to industry before the Public Service Commission. It regularly intervenes in APCo’s petitions to change or increase rates, to approve purchase power agreements, to change accounting practices or to effect other changes that could increase rates.

While adversarial, the AIEC and APCo also work cooperatively to develop state policy on electricity use and planning. For instance, in 2013, AIEC and APCo worked together on Governor Robert Bentley’s core team to develop a state plan for enhancing industrial energy efficiency. As well, APCo works with AIEC to develop demand response programs, seasonal adjustments for fuel rate recovery and seminars to help energy managers.

Industrial companies use 40% of all electricity generated by APCo. Together through AIEC, industry provides an important voice for the protection against rising costs for all consumers in the state of Alabama.